Lanzarini Winery wines are a true reflection of our family wine history. The purity of our land, tradition and state of the art technology are combine to achieve our varietals. This elegant, harmonious and balanced wines had been designed to delight your senses. Their elegance and label is the last stage were we show are dedication from the moment we picked the grapes. We invite you to explore the world of our wines and to experience the new Argentine wines that are successful worldwide.

New websitie

We have launched our new website, so that our customers are better informed and access quick and convenient to the all information of the winery and its products.

Magneta Viognier

Make your own outstanding color variations for each of the 3 separate areas (Sidebar, Conent, Background). Choose from 4 different colors Showroom offers you.

Silver medall

Hemos sido galardonados una vez mas con una medalla de plata en nuestro vino Montecepas Malbec, esta vez de la cosecha 2010 en el concurso de Vinandino 2011.