Leonardo Lanzarini and his family, vine growers in Módena, Italy, arrived in America at the beginning of the 20th century. Around 1905 they settled down in Rivadavia. In 1936 the Lanzarinis bought a winery and began to produce their own wines, which enjoyed great prestige in the region.
Since 1993 the family has started a process of variety selection and has introduced new and modern technologies in the wine production so as to achieve its highest varietal expression. As a result of these changes, the wines Montecepas ( meaning Vineyards from the Mountains) were born. The vineyards are irrigated by the plentiful River Tunuyán, which waters comes from the snow melt of the Andes Mountains. The lands of this region, which are deep, flooded and clayish, offer the grapes an ideal place to grow and ripen in plenitude.
Right now the winery and the vineyards are directed by Don Leonardo Carlos Lanzarini and the quality of the wines is guarded all along the process by his sons.