montecepas prueba
"The Torrontes goes very well with spicy food such as Thai cuisine"

Montecepas Torrontés

Variety: 100% Torrontes.
Region: Rivadavia, Mendoza Argentina.
Altitude: 650 msnm

Color:  Clear yellow with brilliant silver reflections
Aroma:  An appealing aroma that blends distinct orange zest
with a heady floral scent.
Taste:  A fresh flavor of citrus fruits, and a light body.
Drinking Temperature:  Between 7º and 10º Celsius (45º and 50º F).

Elaboration: Traditional, with pneumatic pressed.
Fermentation: In stainless steel tanks. Selected yields, controlled temperature to 17º Celsius.
Enological technique: Cold maceration during 10 hours at 8º Celsius. Pneumatic pressed and no malolactic fermentation.  Bottled and set to rest for three months before shipping.