The name of this wine means thirsty, and when we first thought of the style we wanted, the picture was clear. We wanted a wine that we would share with our family every day. That way Sediento was born, a young, fresh and very fruity wine that invites to be enjoyed up to the last glass.       


Montecepas means 'the vines from the mountains', because the grapes that bring this wine to life. The vineyards are planted at the foothills of the Andes mountains and are irrigated with fresh snow melted water. This varietals with character and intense colors invite you to discover its complexity of tastes and aromas.


Every year, from the vineyard some grapes stand out because of their exceptional characteristics. Since they arrive to the winery, the grapes are treated with special attention. Their final destination are new oak barrels that will bring up the best out of them. Magneta, will make you feel the magnetism of the Andes in your glass.